2013 Dakar crashes

Crash @ Rally Dakar 2013, Day 4



Robby Gordon Nr315 crash @ Rally Dakar 2013

Robby Gordon (nr 315) is off to a very rough start in the Dakar 2013 Rally Raid. First day, the racer broke reverse trying to free his big buggy from a sand dune. That accident sent him into a fit of rage captured on an in-cabin camera. You are warned that language isn't safe for work or for younger ears, but for everyone else it's well worth checking. Shortly thereafter, rally turned even worse when Gordon on a day 4 cleared a dune only to fall victim to deep and soft sand at the bottom. When his Hummer hit the loose terrain, the nose dug in, flipping the whole machine onto its roof. Both Gordon and his co-driver Kellon Walch wound up having to dig themselves out of the wreck for a long time.

Somewhat strange that Gordon seemed less upset about putting his racer shiny side upside down than he was about shredding reverse. Either way, his shot at winning the Dakar Rally 2013 or even a landing on the podium has up and vanished. You can check out both clips for yourself here.


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