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Brenthel Industries Launches Dakar Rally Team for 2014



The US-based company "Brenthel Industries" has racked up a string of impressive race results in 2013. Their vehicles have competed and won on some of the most demanding courses in North America. In 2014 they will be headed south, way south, to field a race vehicle in the Dakar Rally. 

Brenthel Industries Launches Dakar Rally Team for 2014

Brenthel Industries already had a vehicle in development designed exclusively for Dakar when Jonathan Brenthel entered the 2013 Dakar Challenge. The Dakar Challenge seeks to introduce new talent into the Dakar Rally. The racer who amassed the most points in the SCORE Baja 500 and HDRA Reno 500 would qualify for an entry into the Dakar Rally. 

After assessing what it would take to compete in the Dakar Rally, Hajas had doubts whether his class 10 car could be configured to successfully complete some of the longer stages. That’s when the idea emerged; Brenthel Industries would finish construction of their Dakar vehicle, outfit a custom support truck and provide crew and logistics; Hajas would be the driver. 

“I have always been impressed with Brenthel’s application of advanced technology,” said Peter Hajas, “Dakar is a marathon, it takes a different approach. Brenthel has what we needed to take on such a tremendous challenge.” 

The Brenthel Dakar vehicle is perfectly suited for the task at hand. Everything Brenthel manufactures goes through their meticulous development process that begins with hours of CAD design work and refinement with finite element analysis before any construction takes place. Components are cnc bent, laser notched and accurately fixtured during construction. 

The uniformity of parts allows any component that may be damaged in competition to be repaired quickly and easily. Dakar vehicles need to be designed and constructed to endure the punishment but also be maintained along the route. 

“Dakar is an incredible undertaking,” said Jonathan Brenthel, “It would have been difficult for Peter or me to undertake this challenge alone. We think it’s important to field a team of desert racers from the United States. We are going to bust our tails to get down there. We have a great foundation but we are also going to need some support from sponsors to make it happen.” 

American racers who have been there before like Robby Gordon and Darren Skilton have set fine examples to follow in the Dakar Rally. Brenthel hopes to add to that history of American achievement. The Rally attracts 745 competitors from 53 nations and 4.6 million spectators. It is followed around the world with 1200 hours of broadcasting on 70 TV channels in 190 countries; it is a truly global event. Brenthel Industries is ready to step up and take on the challenge as well. 

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